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Each year we take on a very limited number of photographers who we mentor and coach for free.

How do you benefit from partnering with a Mentor/Coach?

For the Mentee (That’s you)

Gain critical wisdom from years of experience
Increase the your self-confidence
Help you learn to grow your business
Teach you how to navigate through tough decisions
Educate you on how to accept feedback in important areas, such as personal development, life skills, business skills, and more
Learn from the many mistakes your mentor has survived from
Provide an important networking contact for you

For the Mentor (That’s Me)

Allows me to passionately teach what I specialize in
Allows me to “give back” — to both the industry and you
Reminds me how to listen actively rather than passively
Encourages me to share knowledge, which helps increase my own sense of self-worth
Strengthen my interpersonal relationship skills
Helps me make an impact our your career
Leads to more personal satisfaction on my behalf

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Simply fill out the form on the left and tell us a bit more about yourself. Studies have shown that success is not a random act and that being mentored by one or more mentors can lead to tremendous business success. Early in my career I was blessed to find some amazing mentors that invested in me in a way that was critical to my success. If you are hungry and driven to succeed in your business take the first step and let us know why you want to be mentored.

Matthew Schonewille BA. BEd. MTEI

Hey, if you are hungry for success in your business and are willing to be humbled, ask more questions then you can imagine, build relationships that will last a lifetime and see your business grow: then you are in the right place.

My passion for education and mentoring stems from my experiences and my love to teaching. I specialize in many small business aspects including marketing, finance, client management, and operations. The first step to your success is in asking for help. Let me work with you and help you achieve the goals you have for your business.

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